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Better Intelligence. Better Decisions.

We give you a deeper understanding of your markets, customers, and competitors, so you can grow faster, be more focused, and avoid expensive mistakes.

Why Strategic Intelligence Matters

2015 Recipient, Intellective Group

Intellective Group was recognized as one of the 50 fastest growing small businesses in St. Louis by St. Louis Small Business Monthly.

As practical strategists with deep roots in analysis and research, we help our clients leverage information so they can move forward with confidence and clarity.



(adj.) Having the power to understand; the ability to reason, understand, or perceive relationships, patterns, or differences

New Name, Same Great Strategy

The market research and strategic consulting firm, Aspect Market Intelligence has a new name: Intellective Group.

We bridge the gap between customers and brands with data-driven precision. As the name suggests, Intellective Group recognizes patterns and discerns actionable, strategic insights from existing data pools, and new data gathered from primary and secondary sources.  With a proven track record and a scientific methodological approach, we provide brands with the confidence to make informed strategic decisions.

Who We Work With


Companies & Brands

We provide research, analysis, and consulting services to develop strategic, competitive insights that drive customer engagement and inform the strategies employed by some of the world’s top B2B and B2C brands.

Strategic Solutions
Advertising Agencies

Marketing Agencies

We work alongside marketing agencies as expert consultants, agency partners, or members of the research team – leveraging our research to maximize the impact and effectiveness of their services.

Agency Opportunities

Industry Associations

We partner with industry associations on research projects that help educate and inform members of trends and practices that are impacting their businesses today and providing insight for the future.

Industry Partnerships

Incentive Research Foundation – Non-Profit

As a nonprofit organization, we need extraordinary value at a reasonable cost, fast turnaround times, and superior design and execution. With Megg and her team I consistently receive all three. Megg is an expert at survey design and implementation, but with her team we get so much more than just pure researchers. What I most appreciate about working with Megg is her ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project by asking the kinds of questions that help me and my partners reach clarity and agreement on the approach that drives results on each project.

Melissa Van Dyke

We Help You Engage Your Customers and Magnify Your Marketing Effort

Recent Posts

Our Customized Methodology Builds Upon Your Competitive Advantage

Your competitive advantage comes from identifying and leveraging the distinctive value proposition that your organization is uniquely positioned to deliver to customers. A standardized, templated approach to your research needs would fail to recognize these unique qualities and thus, deliver insights that draw your business toward the middle.
Our methodology is designed to meet you where you are and determine the approach based on your unique informational needs. This customized approach delivers competitive insights that are original and unique to your business. Also, because they are specific to your organization, the intelligence we provide and the recommendations we deliver are more readily implementable and have more immediate utility than a standardized approach would produce.