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Our Approach - More Method. Less Madness.

We take our charge seriously—bring the best thinking and highest quality work to every client project. We work with you to understand the unique challenges of your business, while bringing our years of experience in addressing similar client issues.

We pride ourselves on our creative and pragmatic analytical approach. We are ready to meet each client where they are. We use analytical best practices but don’t force projects into standard methodologies. We have developed several custom analytical approaches to solve our clients’ unique questions. Our team is fluent in business strategy and expert in designing the right analytical approach to address your strategic questions.


We talk about your existing data and identify what additional data we’ll need to gather through primary and secondary research methods.


We conduct research and analyze the data, creating proprietary algorithms and uncovering actionable insights.


More than just spreadsheets and charts of numbers, we share the story we have discovered through our research and analysis.


Knowing is only half of the battle.  We give you the road map for implementing the strategic initiatives identified, so you can put the plan into action.

Research Methods

Primary Research

Survey research is one of those things many people feel they can do on their own. Unfortunately, the cost of simply collecting research that is “good enough” can be high, especially when questionable results lead a company down the wrong path, and frustration can result when the findings aren’t thorough enough to answer the original question. We have the experience to help you identify the key goals of your research and craft a survey, sampling, and analytical plan that ensures you’ll get the intelligence you need.

Executive Interviews

In-depth interviews are not question and answer sessions. They are conversations, requiring responsiveness and judgment on the part of the interviewer. When interviewing a busy executive, you need a professional with business sense and excellent communication skills. It’s critical that the conversation be held on equal footing, where the interviewee speaks the same language and can truly understand the perspective of the executive. Whether that executive is a customer, an investor, an internal stakeholder, or a competitor, getting the richest insight possible is entirely dependent on the person you chose to formulate the questions and how they ask them.

Surveys & Questionnaires

We conduct surveys to gather empirical, statistically representative data from the target audience. Our research team includes statisticians with expertise in advanced research methodologies, including choice and experimental design work. Example studies include brand image surveys, customer segmentation, market sizing, and value driver prioritization.

Focus Groups

We conduct focus groups for clients to gather deep insights regarding the natural language and perspective of their target audiences. We often use qualitative research to develop a foundational understanding of the customer perspective regarding brands, messages, value drivers, or new product concepts.

Focus groups are a great way to collect very rich and helpful feedback in a short amount of time. They are an effective tool for understanding the range of perspectives within an audience and how divergent the opinions of the individuals are. We can help you understand when to use focus groups, how to structure them, how to make sure you have the right people in the group, and the discussion framework that will result in the best outcome for you. Our professional moderators will manage the entire process, facilitate the discussion, and provide a comprehensive report of our findings.

Secondary Research

There’s a wealth of information available to those who know how to find it. Often called “desk research,” secondary research and analysis involves finding data already available, either publicly or through syndicated outlets. This methodology is particularly useful when evaluating new market or product opportunities, researching industries or companies, and analyzing the competitive landscape.

Data Mining

We help companies take a practical approach to organizing, understanding, and leveraging their streams of data—turning them into accessible/meaningful insights used to improve the performance of their business. Our analytical experts take a pragmatic and resourceful approach to synthesizing internal and external information streams to address clients’ unique strategic challenges.

Data Synthesis & Analysis

One of the first things we ask our clients to provide during the discovery process is their currently available data and analysis. We frequently find that spending a little time and effort pulling insights out of existing data gets us several steps ahead in understanding our clients’ customers and markets. Additionally, most companies have more data than they have the ability to analyze. We blend our statistical expertise with a creative and practical approach to data analysis to get you insights you don’t have today.

Social Media Analysis

We are able to leverage our social media “scraping” tools to collect and analyze information from numerous online media sources including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram, traditional media sites, etc. Using this information, we can develop rich insights as to how the population regards brands, products, and issues of relevance to our clients.