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Special Practices

Research for B2B Companies

Conducting research with businesses has considerable and unique challenges. Most research methodologies have originated from consumer research and can be difficult or impossible to replicate in a B2B environment. Other challenges, such as truly understanding how decisions are made within a business or differences in terminology across industries, must be understood and addressed. We have extensive experience in the B2B market, and can help our clients avoid common missteps.

Industry Research & Strategy for Incentives

The incentives industry is a robust mix of merchandise and gift cards, travel, marketing services, technology, and business performance measurement. Our team has considerable experience in this highly specialized industry. We work with partners to measure and understand the overall industry, and we work with individual clients to provide ancillary research and analysis services for their programs.

Partner With Us

Partnerships with Marketing Agencies

Where agencies may not have the staff to address advanced analytical or market research needs for their clients, Intellective Group provides that expertise. We can bolster a marketing agency’s relationship with their clients by showing up as an expert consultancy, or as an agency team member/partner. We understand the marketing discipline and the client-service agency model and can integrate seamlessly with your business to help your team deliver exceptional value.

Partnerships with Industry Associations

We are very experienced in conducting market research within the incentives industry. We partner with many of the industry associations to design research studies, publish findings, and even provide support in presenting the results and interpreting the data.

As a leader within your Industry ‘s Professional Association, we understand how important it is to deliver valuable information to your members. We partner with numerous associations whose members value industry research and analysis. We help you develop highly credible and reliable research programs to provide you and other stakeholders with critical business and market information.